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Saturday, April 1st, 2017 | BLOG | No Comments

There are some people who perfectly happy to stay where they are, never feeling the urge to leave their home. They’re content just sitting on the couch, watching TV, surrounded with everything familiar to them.

Then there are people like us, who can’t sit still, with constant travel plans and always with a passport at hand… just in case. We are afflicted with WANDERLUST, a desire for the unknown or just an honest love for travel. It is a hunger to explore that can never be feed, no matter how many journeys or vacations we take. It’ like and addiction, a craving that can’t be satisfied. There’s always the next thing, the next adventure, the lust for something different, and before you know it you’re on a flight in search of new adventures.

According to recent scientific researches, the wanderlust gene may have been embedded in our DNA long before our first trip with parents. One Psychology Blog claims that the built-in urge for travel goes back to one genetic derivative gene DRD4, commonly associated with the dopamine levels in the brain. The same “wanderlust gene” is responsible for increased levels of restlessness and curiosity.

Another separate study supported the same findings with additional link, 7R (the mutant form of DRD4), is found in people who are more likely to take risks, explore, are open to new ideas and more willing to take greater risks. Oh, I have this badly! One study shows that only 20% of the world’s population possess the DRD4-7R gene, so we are very rare.

The next time you hear that inner voice saying “quit work and travel the world”, it’s just in your DNA. Now you have to decide whether to do it or not.


Cindy Rainwater
International Accents Travel

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Planning Your Vacation

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 | BLOG, Helpful Travel Planning Info, Travel Tips | No Comments

Are you looking for cheap travel? Well, you have gone to the wrong site. At International Accents Travel, we sell quality and value but never CHEAP.

With more than 35 years in the travel industry we offer personal travel experience as well as professional service. Anyone can sell you a cheap vacation, but do they give you service and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money? How much training have they had? Have they actually traveled to this destination? Do they have partnerships and affiliates worldwide or are they just “booking” a trip for you? What other amenities come with your booking? Are they there with you when you’re planning your trip and then gone, or are they behind you 100% until you are back safely home?

These are important questions to ask before booking with anyone, whether on the phone, in an office or online. Even the biggest online booking engines do not have educated “order takers” on the other end of the connection with you. At International Accents Travel you have a personal travel planner that will consult with you and is fully qualified to ensure that your vacation is the very best it can be. Does this cost you anything? NO. Your first two hours of consultation is included and then there is a fee of $50 that is deducted from your balance when you book you trip. There are no hidden fees, such as handling and booking fees like the online booking engines that add these fees after you book and fill out all your credit card information. And to top it all off, we can offer competitive pricing for travel insurance. Our insurance covers everything, not just your flight or cruise, but everything including your health.

Why would you trust something as important as your vacation to a CHEAP booking engine with absolutely no guarantees? Isn’t it much wiser to plan your vacation with someone you can trust and know will be there all the way for you, someone with reputable reliable affiliates instead of an unknown entity? Now, let’s look at the bottom line. Did our hotel cost $5.00 a night more or the flight was $20 more? Maybe, but the hotel is a 4 star in a reputable area instead of a backpacker hotel in a questionable area and the flight has no layovers longer than 2 hours instead of 5 and 6 hour layovers. Now, how about all the travel information with suggested sightseeing and travel routes or city orientation tours and maps that are included with your package? You may even have some insight to a little off the beaten track village or small local restaurant that even Rick Steves doesn’t know about. And last, but definitely not least, how much of your valuable time was spent doing research? Isn’t it nice to have someone to do this for you and then just check out what is available? And all this is specially designed just for you. We offer concierge travel planning at it’s best and all within your budget. So don’t sell yourself short by booking a cheap vacation, plan a value packed quality vacation instead. We’ll do all the work and all you have to do is enjoy.

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