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Are you a smart traveler?

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 | BLOG | No Comments

So many people return year after year to the same place for vacation. Why? One reason may be that they don’t know how to travel outside what they know and have no idea where to go to learn how to do this.

Then, there are the people who think that they can go online, search the booking engines and now they are an expert travel planner with no need for a travel agent. Here’s a few things they don’t know:

  1. They can get the same or even better rate through a travel agent, remember, it is “value” for your dollar, not “cheap” travel that you want
  2. Most online booking engines have people making your reservations who have never traveled at all, so the only advise you get from them is what they are reading to you
  3. These online services are ONLY booking engines, not travel agents, they’re just order takers
  4. They are limited to the resorts, hotels, airlines, car rental companies that contract with them
  5. Most do charge a service and/or handling fee once you enter all your information and once you pay, you’re committed to the purchase
  6. Once you’re on your trip there is no one there that can help you if you have a problem with flights, hotels, tours, etc.
  7. They take no responsibility if the hotel or resort you book is not as represented online, so you’re stuck with it, like it or not
  8. They won’t sell you a package trip that is anything other what is offered on their site. No customization.
  9. They can’t give you personalized information about destinations, resorts, hotels or tours. They just read the script
  10. And then there is the amount of time spent researching and the overwhelming information gathered. Many people get so tired and confused; they end just booking something to get it over with.

What a waste of hard earned money and vacation time!!! Be smart and let someone who is trained in planning travel do all the work. 

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