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·        First some important information concerning TSA    

  1. Remember that only 3 oz. of liquids, lotions and gels are allowed to be carried on the plane. They must be in a quart size zip lock baggie. Always carry extra quart size baggies as they are also great for snacks and other small items that you want to keep accessible.
  2. You need to be aware that if you purchase duty-free liquids such as liquors, perfume or cosmetics and are making a connection to a domestic flight after arrival in USA and customs and immigration clearance, any liquids, lotions or gels must be no more than 3 oz and contained in the one quart size zipped baggie or put into your checked luggage to prevent being confiscated by TSA when going through security following the recheck of your luggage on your domestic flight. This also applies if you are terminating your trip and your luggage is just being sent to baggage claim, put all liquids in your luggage before going through security to exit International area.
  3. Be a savvy traveler and be ready when you approach security. If you are under the age of 75, take your shoes off. You must remove your coats and jackets, take your quart size baggie out, anything in your pockets must be removed as do belts and it helps to take off watches and bracelets. Put small items in little containers and larger items in plastic bins. Your computer must come out of your carry-on bag and be placed in a container by its self. Being prepared will expedite your trip through security. If you have Pre-check or global entry, this is not necessary unless agent ask you to do so.
  4. Liquids bigger than 3 ounces and not in the quart baggy cannot go through other than some baby items and medications. Go to for complete details
  • Check passport to be sure that it is current and will not expire for at least 180 days after travel.
  • Check all documents and make sure that all information is correct and names on travel documents match the name on your passport.
  • Make copies of your passport and both sides of all credit cards that you are carrying with you. Put a copy in a separate place from the originals or have your traveling partner carry yours and you carry theirs. Also leave copies with someone at home in case of loss or theft. You can also take a photo on your phone and save in a document so you can access it on a computer should your phone be lost or stolen. Save in a password protected document.
  • Never pack any travel documents, passports or prescription medications in your luggage. Leave prescription meds in original labeled containers.
    * In addition to taking extra prescription medications with you, it is good to carry something for pain, upset stomachs, diarrhea and colds, coughs and sinus problems.
  • I always suggest that when traveling outside the country; purchase an international calling card for calls back home. Be sure you get the country code to call FROM the countries you are visiting. You can also check with your phone company regarding International plans. 
  • Need WIFI available for communication or GPS? I have found Skyroam to be the best option. No need to be at the hotel or in a restaurant. Check it out at For rent or purchase and connects up to 5 devices at one time. perfect for family or friends traveling together.
  • If you are traveling out of the country it is always a good idea to pack at least one washcloth, they are not supplied in most hotels in Europe.
  • Purchase a bicycle cable with combination lock to secure all pieces of luggage together and then to a rail or other stationery object, particularly if you are traveling by train, as you cannot take all pieces of luggage to your seat.
  • Use carabiners to secure zippers or attach small pieces of luggage to larger pieces while walking with luggage behind you, sightseeing or shopping. Another good security item is large safety pins. You can pin zipper pulls together on backpacks, purses, and tote bags so professional pick pockets and thieves cannot easily open them.
  • Always carry one or 2 small light weight shopping bags. Many stores in Europe and other countries either charge for shopping bags or do not have them at all. They are also handy when souvenir shopping to make carrying your items easier and great for extra snacks to carry on the train or plane.
  • Pack extra zip lock baggies.

~ Small baggies are great for little snacks while on day trips or small bottles that might leak in your luggage.

~Large baggies are good for wet swim suits, clothing or wet muddy shoes. It is also a good idea to put your checked cosmetics inside a sealed baggie as pressurization on the plane can cause some bottles to leak.

  • Be sure to take plug adapters when traveling outside the US and on some ships. Current converters may also be needed outside the US. Some electrical appliances and most camera and computer AC/DC chargers have this ability, but be sure to check so you don’t burn up you appliance. If they have this they can be used with only a plug adapter. If you do not have a dual voltage appliance and the appliance uses less than 50 watts, it is very important to have the correct current converter. Things like curling irons and battery chargers fall into under 50 watt category. Hairdryers, travel irons and other appliances that use higher watts need a converter for 50 watts or more. This is very important so you don’t burn up your appliances.
  • In addition to the wonderful noise canceling headsets, I take saline nose spray on the plane. The air is extremely drying (around 2% humidity) and dry nasal passages can end up as a sinus problem. And always drink lots of water. There’s no better way to ruin a wonderful vacation than to get sick. Speaking of water, carry an empty water bottle with you so you can fill it once you clear security, then you know you will have your water when you need it.

If you are not sure about what you can or cannot take onboard the airplane, go to for complete information.

Travel safe and always be aware of your surroundings.




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