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Your Personal Travel Planner

We have a wonderful team of 3 experienced caring members. Each member specializes in a specific niche. No, this does not mean that all they do is their niche, that is simply where their expertise lies. We will direct you to the team member who best fits your travel dream. We all work together as a team and collaborate so you get the absolute best plan for your trip. 

Cindy Rainwater-Founder and Owner
Cindy has more than 45 years in the travel industry and has actually traveled extensively around the globe. She is known as a travel guru  and she proves it with her vast global knowledge.

Jerry Rainwater-Co-founder

Jerry also has more than 45 years of experience in travel. His main role is to assist and support the team with his knowledge of geography and history. He also assists in research to streamline our more complex custom trips. Jerry is a hot air balloon pilot and he and Cindy have participated in International Ballooning events around the globe.

Amber Young – Independent Consultant
Amber has traveled to many destinations and in addition to her many roles, she is also a dance instructor, hiker and an avid scuba diver.



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