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Sunday, October 5th, 2014 | BLOG, Ups and Downs of Travel | No Comments


TRAVEL 101passport applications

Is it necessary to have a passport to travel outside the USA? Yes, unless you are traveling to one of the US territories. This would include Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix or Guam. It is not necessary to travel with a passport when going on an ocean cruise if you arrive back into the same port as your departure, however, it is advisable as you would not be able to return to the US without a passport should the need arise during your travel. If you are planning to travel outside the US, your passport must be current until 6 months from your return date. 

  • To obtain a passport, you can either print an application form online at or go to your post office. You will need an original copy or certified copy of your birth certificate and one passport photo. Be sure to meet all requirements before submitting your application. Send these along with a check in the amount of $140 plus a $25 execution fee. Remember, a passport card is not good for travel outside the USA.

Be a savvy traveler and know before you go. This will make your travel easier and keep a lot of other travelers from wanting to punch you out right in the line at TSA. If you are not a pre-check traveler, remove your shoes, belts, jewelry and jackets and place them in a bin. Put your quart size zip-lock baggie of liquids, gels and aerosols in the bin too. Familiar yourself with the 311 rule and other important information at Put your computer in a bin by itself. PLEASE don’t wait until you are next in line to get your things ready, be a good scout and be prepared.

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