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Vacation Like the Rich and Famous

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 | BLOG | No Comments



Villa in Monaco

Are you like most people and think that renting a private home or villa for vacation is only for the rich and famous? Actually, it can be less than a hotel plus you have all the  amenities of a private home. It’s the best way to take your family on a very special vacation, have other family members or friends join you, or plan your family reunion without all the headaches and allow time to spend with family members. You can even add a chef, nanny and many other concierge services to make your vacation perfect. If you are staying by the water, some places even include boats, but if they don’t, you can rent one for a day or your entire stay. You can rent a car or, if you’d rather not always be the driver, hire a personal driver so you can enjoy all the scenery while discovering the highlights of your destination.

Richard Branson

Maybe you just want to go on vacation with your friends. Believe me, a vacation villa is absolutely the best it gets. Have the villa pre-stocked with all your special food and beverages and be greeted by your personal chef and housekeeper. They can take care of all the cooking for you or just be there for special events, like a bonfire dinner on the beach.

If your company is in need of a place for a conference or corporate retreat, consider renting a private villa. It can be mush more productive than a stodgy hotel with a conference room and meals in the local restaurant. All the equipment you need for your meetings can be supplied for you and you can have each meal catered or prepared on site. Any other needs that you may have can be taken care of through the concierge services. After the work is done for the day, you can relax and recharge to be more productive when you return to work.

Dining in Italy

Are you a member of a special interest group? Then this is the best way to arrange a group trip where you can enjoy your special interest together and also have an enjoyable relaxing vacation at the same time. Tours and guides are always available for your group. It’s an ideal way to bring together your group for any interest. Perhaps it’s photography, quilting, birding, hiking, scuba or other water sports, yoga and meditation or wellness. It also great for personal coaches to plan a retreat. The possibilities are endless. recharge for a more productive group when you return to work.each. If you prefer to do the cooking yourself, then you can either pre-order everything or perhaps just have a few things for your arrival, then head to the local market and do your shopping. The concierge service can make arrangements for tours and activities just for you and your friends. Enjoy your destination by seeing it with a personal guide and discover places that most tourist never see.

Santorini Greece Honeymoon

A vacation villa is the perfect venue for a destination wedding. You can rent a villa as small or as large as your heart desires. Make it affordable for your family and friends to join you for this special occasion. Concierge service can make all the arrangements for you, including arranging for necessary documents. Have the destination wedding of your dreams and share it with all those who are special to you. Maybe you just want a small private cottage for the two of you for your honeymoon. Think about renting a one or two bedroom cottage with private pool and have your own personal chef and housekeeper during the day, then they quietly disappear after dinner to leave you in your own personal paradise.

Paris, France

Vacation villas and homes are available in every part of the world, so stay somewhere not too far away or go totally exotic. It’s your choice for a perfect vacation, wedding, honeymoon, corporate retreat, special occasion and much more.

Renting a vacation villa or house will insure that you have a really relaxing and fun vacation without the crowds but with all the fun that you want for your vacation and it’s more affordable than you think.





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Travel Agent Myth Buster

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 | BLOG, Travel Tips | No Comments

Do you use a travel agent when booking your vacation?

Most people think that their trip will cost more if they use a professional so they do it themselves by looking at a few brochures, reading an article in a magazine or seeing someplace really cool on television and then going online.
Do they save money? Maybe a little bit.
Do they get the most for their money? Probably not.
Travel agents usually do not charge any fees for their services. They work on commission from hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, etc. They also can sometimes get perks for you that are not available to the general public, like upgrades, cruise or resort credits and such. Think of the travel agent as an outside reservation agent, sort of like theonline booking engines, only we’re real people.

Is it better to use a larger company than an independent travel agent?

No. In some instances it might be better to go with an independent. Most larger companies have preferred vendors and only use them, so they may not actually get the best offer for you while the independent has no obligations to use specific vendors so they can research more options for you. The indepent agent works for you, not the supplier. On the other hand, sometimes the larger company may have more leeway since they sell volume travel, unlike the smaller agencies. This does not always represent the best value for your money, but if lower cost is more important than quality, then that would be best for you.


Can you get a better deal on the internet?

Maybe a lower price, but again, take a good look at what you’re getting. Is your cruise stateroom the smallest darkest lowest cabin on the entire ship? Are transfers included? Is your lovely resort suite overlooking the parking lot or delivery area at the back of the hotel? Did they tell you about the extra per person daily resort fee and taxes that are not included? Your all-inclusive resort was a bargain until you learned that you are limited to local liquor only and all meals are at the one buffet and do not include any of the sit down restaurants. Those cost extra as do the steak and seafood dinners. They specified free wi-fi in the room, but when you arrive you discover that it is DSL and you don’t have a cable but can rent one for a mere $10 per day or use the computer in their business center for $25 dollars a day. If there is a problem, will this online company be there to help rectify the problem for you? Well if you used a travel agent, all it takes is a phone call and your agent will handle any of these problems while you enjoy your vacation.

When you talk or “chat” online with a discount internet travel company, do you ask the agent your working with where they have traveled?

Perhaps they have seen several of the resorts you’re interested in and can give you recommendations based on personal experience or tell you some neat places to visit on your European vacation or a great tour to take while on your cruise. What?! they haven’t been anywhere outside the windowless office where they answer calls and take orders? Where is their office located anyway? These are good questions to ask any travel agent. Nothing is better than having a professional with personal experience who knows the right questions to ask you before you take out the old credit card and put a big chunk of money down on a non-refundable vacation that turns out to be the worst vacation ever. Find a travel agent that is interested in you and not what they want to sell to you. Tell them what you like to do and what you expect on a wonderful vacation. Let the professional suggest some things that you may not even know about. If the travel agent asks for a small deposit up front that goes toward your final payment, then you know they are truly going to spend quality time searching for just the right trip for you and your budget. This is a sign of a true professional. After all, you don’t see other professional doing intense research without at least a small amount of “earnest” money upfront to assure that you are truly interested as well.

How can you not feel more secure in planning something as special as your vacation, honeymoon, family reunion, etc. etc. by going to an experienced travel professional? Going online is for amateurs who don’t know the difference in quality and quantity and that you can have both. So do yourself a big favor and call a travel professional the next time your have travel plans. Save time, headaches and money and just enjoy the trip. You deserve it!

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Why Use a Travel Agent to Plan Your Destination Weddings or Honeymoon

Monday, August 9th, 2010 | BLOG, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons | 3 Comments

After doing several Bridal Shows we saw a need to explain a little bit more to brides and grooms about just what is included with a destination wedding. It sounds overwhelming to have a wedding away from home, but in fact, it’s just as easy ( or more so) as doing one at home and may not cost anymore. Since most resorts include a free wedding with a certain amount of room nights, that means when you book your honeymoon stay, you have just earned a free wedding! A destination wedding package includes a basic wedding package (varying by resort) and options for additions and upgrades.

With a destination wedding you have a choice of using the resort wedding coordinator or an outside wedding coordinator if you would like to plan a wedding at a location other than a hotel or resort.

Now, why use a travel agent? You sure don’t want to get to your wedding day and find out that all the documents aren’t in order. They all include your documentation, but not all the additional fees for the documents. We make sure that you have the total amount right from the beginning and ensure that everything is in order. Each location has different requirements and we have a list for each of these countries so all you have to do is ask us.  As travel agents, we have sources that can assist you at any destination you should choose.

International Accents Travel also offers a FREE Honeymoon Dreams registration. There is no cost to either you or your friends and family. Just send me a picture and a list of tours, activities and spa treatments that you would like for your honeymoon and get your very own webpage on our website!

It’s just as  important to us as it is to you that you start out your new life as Mr.& Mrs. in the location that best suits you. We’ve traveled to many of the most popular destinations, and to all the ones we are presenting here tonight. We make tours of as many of the resorts and locations as we can. That way we know exactly what they have to offer and don’t have to rely on some pictures on the internet. Whether you are planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, you have a lot of other things to take care of and we are here to help make all this go easier and smoother for you. You get all this at no additional cost to you!!

Don’t leave this important occassion to chance by booking on the internet. Make sure everything goes smoothly by using a travel agent. After all, they are the professional experts in travel.

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